Reposado Tequila is aged in American White Oak Barrels for an average of 8 months, reposado is rich yet delicate tequila balanced with spice and soft tones of vanilla. The oak aging increases the complexity while adding a light amber color, hints of vanilla and fruit. Easy to drink by itself or mixed in your favorite cocktail. Reposado is an excellent sipping tequila that will surprise you with its smoothness and flavor progression. Try it on the rocks with a twist of lime for a refreshing treat.



Our Tequila is a handcrafted tequila made from 100% Blue Agave harvested and produced in the rich volcanic highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.   Our Tequila is crafted by a family with a passion for making great tasting tequila and a commitment to quality by hand, baked in traditional clay kilns and double distilled in small batches without preservatives or additives.  It is an honor to provide you with the unique experience of a great tasting tequila.