At My City Tequila, we’ve always believed in echoing the unique heartbeat of every city. For us, it’s more than just distilling tequila; it’s about capturing the soul of each community in our meticulously crafted batches.

Every bottle we’ve nurtured reflects our collective passion for unmatched taste and an unwavering commitment to quality. We didn’t embark on this journey just to create tequila; we aimed to curate experiences, foster communities, and kindle connections worldwide.

As a minority and veteran led business, we embrace a profound sense of responsibility. It inspires us daily, not only to produce world-class tequila but to position My City Tequila as a force for positive impact. Together, we champion community, environmental stewardship, and inclusivity.

Our shared vision is both clear and ambitious: to unite tequila enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, making premium tequila experiences accessible to all. Because with My City Tequila, it’s not only about the flavor in your glass, but the shared stories and cherished moments. Join our journey, and let’s create memories together.

From our founder, 


Everyday Excellence, One City at a Time.

With My City Tequila, celebrate the everyday, not just the special days.

When we started My City Tequila, it was a dream steeped in ambition and passion. We wanted more than just another bottle on the shelf; we envisioned a tequila that embodies the spirit and essence of local communities, while resonating on a global scale.

The inspiration? Our love for local flavors and the desire to bring our tequila to your city.  We see tequila as more than a drink; it’s an experience waiting to be shared, a story waiting to be told. Our mission was to create a tequila that would seamlessly fit into your daily rhythm, not just be reserved for celebratory moments.



Our tequilas are derived from 100% Blue Agave harvested and produced in the rich volcanic highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. 


We cook the agave for up to 72 hours to bringing out the full flavor and character of the plant. Our slow, careful process guarantees that all our products are specially crafted, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who tastes them.



Takes 80 hours to ferment, our tequila is distilled through pot stills to create a deliciously pure product. We then distill the tequila a second time in order to bring out all of the outstanding aromas that make it one of the best tasting drinks around. Our double distillation process ensures that you will enjoy an amazing experience every single time.


Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or someone just beginning their journey into the world of tequila, My City Tequila is dedicated to giving you that unique tequila experience.


Our tequilas start with a family recipe and hold true to traditional production
methods, For over a century, the recipe has been handed down in the family with
time-honored farming and production practices to create only the finest handcrafted tequila 100% Blue Agave.